Italian court finds link between cell phone use and tumor

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"We know that many people are concerned about a possible connection between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumors", said Dr. David Jenkinson, chief scientific officer for the Brain Tumor Charity.

The court has awarded Romeo a monthly state-funded pension of €500 (£418, $537) to be paid by INAIL, a national insurance scheme covering workplace accidents.

Roberto Romeo, 57, belonging to the north Italian northern town of Ivrea testified in court that his work duties required him to use his mobile for three to four hours of each working day for almost 15 years.

The businessman stated his brain tumor - which turned out to be benign - was diagnosed in 2010, after he noticed a persistent feeling of blockage in his right ear.

Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, an Italian court has ruled.

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Cellphone emissions "should be classified in group one of certain cancer-causing agents for man", Professor Angelo Levis said in his expert opinion for the Ivrea court.

The decision goes against others which have ruled previously that there is no health risk from mobile phones.

"The norms say intense use is one hour a day", Romeo told Sky TG24.

Numerous studies have tried to ascertain whether electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones puts users at risk of brain tumors. Roberto Romeo, 57, worked for Telecom Italia, a telecommunications company, for 15 years and said constant use of his mobile phone for work-related purposes caused him to develop a tumor in his brain, Agence France-Presse reported. He added he does not want to demonise them, but wants people to be aware on how to use phones better.

"However, the global research projects that have been conducted so far, involving hundreds of thousands of people, have found insufficient evidence that using a mobile phone increases the risk of developing a brain tumour".