CBFC guidelines should change now: Raveena Tandon

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Director Ashtar Sayed's debut film, "Maatr", is an eye-opener of sorts in today's misogynistic society where preconceived notions about how women should carry themselves still exist. Raveena, 42, plays a mother to a daughter Tia, who gets raped. But there are some things in the film which we also don't condone and we tell people that this is fiction, but tomorrow it can become someone's reality.

"We are trying to send the message that now enough is enough". Now a correction has to happen. As far as the censor board is considered, they have their own guidelines. " CBFC is bound by certain laws that were made several years ago".

"So, that has to change now". Little time is devoted to her doomed marriage with an inconsiderate husband who blames her poor navigation skills for the tragedy. As the clock approaches the hour mark, Sayed raises the violence quotient adding kicks and punches to the action but the blows don't quite have the emotional impact. The interesting part of the film is that the plot of the film is nothing extraordinary but it is the great performances, gripping subject line and apt execution that makes "Maatr" a must watch.

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"In rural areas in India, women are not even aware of their rights". Later, she said that Aamir and Salman would run after 21-year-old heroines.

Raveena exclaimed that the fear of authority is of prime importance during current times as she said, "The criminal needs to have that fear of committing a crime". But writer Michael Pellico throws in Indian references to in the Mahabharata and the brutal gangrape which is reminiscent of the Nirbhaya case.

Ashtar Sayed's directorial debut tracks the journey of a mother seeking revenge for her daughter's gang rape and subsequent murder. Without giving away too much, let's just say the only disguise Vidya Chauhan uses is a pair of sunglasses, which was completely lost on me. Once the tears dry up and her features have settled into a mask, Vidya starts going after the assailants one at a time.