Barista's rant over demand for Unicorn Frappuccino

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Burson suddenly yells. "I have unicorn crap all in my hair and in my nose!" I have never been so stressed out in my entire life. It has been insane. I carefully inserted the straw in order to preserve the sparkly magic, then stepped outside into the sun so I could take some photos for my Instagram, because this drink will definitely get you more than a few likes. According to Burson, it's fairly hard to make. And people were coming in left and right, drive thru and in the front.

Because we Verified.this thing's got a mountain of sugar. The meme compares the Unicorn Frappuccino to a regular size Snickers candy bar and says for the sugar price of a Unicorn Frappuccino, you could actually eat three Snickers candy bars. He posted a video on Twitter complaining that the drink was hard to make and he's "never been so stressed out" in his life.

Maybe this is one unicorn that should have remained a myth.

Earlier this month, Seattle-based Starbucks also introduced a "Pink Drink" made with coconut milk and topped with strawberries. But it is hard to make when there are like 20 fraps all at once both front and drive thru, ' he wrote in a Facebook message.

"Ever since I realized that adding beet juice to food would turn it into the most magnificent shade of hot pink, I was hooked", Waugh told Vogue.

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The director of marketing at Starbucks is off his rocker, railing at the team seated in his boardroom about how the rise of small, independent coffee shops that source quality beans is threatening their brand, one tiny café at a time. I'll definitely give all the hardworking baristas props for that. I feel your pain. Came out, same madness! According to Starbucks' website, a grande Unicorn Frappuccino has 410 calories and 59 grams of sugar.

One order of 56 unicorn fraps.

The most hard: The S'mores Frappuccino, she said.

Adeline Waugh, the food stylist who is also behind the recent "mermaid toast" phenomenon, unintentionally started the unicorn frenzy a year ago.