Wenger gives insight on security in light of Borussia Dortmund bomb attack

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Guardiola was asked for his thoughts on events this week as he worked with Dortmund defender Marc Bartra, who had to have surgery to remove shrapnel from his hand and arm, during his time at Barcelona.

The team's rearranged Champions League quarter-final first leg at home against Monaco went ahead on Wednesday night and was won 2-3 by the visiting side.

After the match, Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel said UEFA's actions made the club feel "impotent".

In response to the outpouring of criticism of UEFA's handling of the matter, the governing body affirmed both clubs were involved in the decision-making process and did not imply they would be unwilling to participate.

"UEFA was in touch with all parties on Wednesday and never received any information which suggested that any of the teams did not want to play".

Controversial Florida prosecutors receives noose in the mail
She said she "believes the hangman's noose was meant as a threat to her as a public official", according to an incident report . The Sheriff's office is now working with the United States Postal service to find the person responsible for this hate crime.

"That's why it's right that we do as much as we can to protect it, and not allow criminals to take the fascination away from us".

"But we're in a world where we don't know where we'll end up, that's the truth". "I would not wish a feeling like this on anyone". "I think it's a very sad way that our society develops", he said.

"To the thousands and thousands of people, the media, all organisations, BVB and team-mates who have sent me your support and love. even the smallest gesture has filled me with the strength to ALWAYS move forward".

"I needed to write and unburden myself and to settle everything so I can just think about getting 100 per cent as soon as possible". "Minutes after the attacks, the only question was whether the game could go through or not".

Dortmund's chief executive Hans-Joachim Watze vowed that his side would "play not only for ourselves today. Who doesn't live this can't understand how big it was for us".