The Surge's Latest Trailer Showcases More Of The Game's Combat

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Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 released a brand new trailer for their upcoming action RPG The Surge.

The trailer shows off quite a few different environments within the game, but, more notably, shows off just how fast-paced The Surge's combat can be. The main takeaway here is that you'll be able to control your attacks horizontally and vertically, targeting specific body limbs. Make sure to check out the new trailer for the game for yourself below. Using your exosuit, you can block, jump, dodge and also duck (no ducking in Dark Souls), to avoid attacks while managing stamina.

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Interestingly, the same applies to your enemies as well, as they can target your weaker or unarmoured limbs. If either the player or the opponent get hit in an unarmoured spot more damage will be caused so take advantage of the enemy's weaknesses while also keeping your own in check. Throughout your journey you'll be assisted by your industrial drone, with abilities once used for CREO's industrial needs now manipulated into a fighting machine.

The Surge is due out on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 16.