Sanders urges Democrats to reach out to Trump supporters

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On the unity tour's third day, Sanders thanked Perez for his remarks and boos came from the Miami crowd.

Mr. Sanders told a ME crowd Monday night that "our job is to radically transform the Democratic Party". "One trend we did see in 2016 was that concern about Trump's temperament and fitness to be president of the United States enabled the Democrat to peel off a lot of Republican-leaning voters in suburban districts", Fallontold Vox.

"I suspect that the Democratic Party here in Kentucky has not done the kind of job that it should have done", Sanders said. Which is why he could dismiss Ossoff and then head off to campaign for Heath Mello, a candidate for Omaha mayor who as a state legislator sponsored multiple anti-abortion bills and was endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life.

Sanders was speaking about his plans to introduced a medicare for all system as a replacement for the ACA, a long-time plan and the ultimate goal for progressives in America. Most are in their 30s or 40s.

Besides being the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and an early endorser of Sanders, he has some rather disturbing ideas about Israel and Jewish people, an abiding affection for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and a host of other deeply unsettling views.

Mello, a 37-year-old state senator, exuded that youthful theme Thursday. "That's actually really important considering what happened previous year", said Cynthia Busch, chairwoman of the Broward Democratic Party. Despite having run for the Democratic nomination for president, he adamantly retains his status as an independent.

In the same interview, Sanders said that they had to "have the guts to point the finger at the ruling class of this country - the billionaire class and Wall Street - and say 'You know what, your greed is destroying this country'".

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All of this means the political machine being created by the Independent Vermont senator (still not a registered Democrat) could become a strong underpinning if he decides, at age 78, to undertake a second presidential bid in 2020. But his most fervent supporters were always more interested in socialism and identity politics-free college and amnesty for illegal immigrants-than bringing manufacturing jobs back to the Rust Belt.

During the Democratic primary, Sanders lost Kentucky by just half a percentage point.

INSKEEP: Well, let's talk about that because you are going to some very, very red states where Democrats keep hoping to do better than they have done.

Put simply, this is Sanders' party now. "It's an investment. If people are getting health care, it's an investment". When Sanders was unable to make inroads with the party's "super-delegates", the senator and his faithful talked about the "rigged" party system, and even after the senator endorsed Hillary Clinton and campaigned on her behalf, it was nearly always on the party's terms. There's a lot of frustration going back to a year ago with the DNC, with Democrats in Congress from the people that Perez and other Democrats need to have energized.

It takes more than being a younger Democrat for a candidate to gain Sanders' support.

Sander's appearance comes as Democratic parties nationwide are trying to appeal to the working class in states including ME, where a resurgent Republican Party in the last decade has gained ground in rural communities roiled by the closing of paper mills and sluggish economic growth.