Sanders headlining event aimed at boosting Democrats

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After losing a presidential election they thought they had in the bag, Democrats are trying something different: focusing on building the party in all 50 states, not just states they think they can win.

The event was part of a speaking tour through conservative states across the country with the new chair of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez.

Sander's appearance comes as Democratic parties nationwide are trying to appeal to the working class in states including ME, where a resurgent Republican Party in the last decade has gained ground in rural communities roiled by the closing of paper mills and sluggish economic growth.

In its push for Democrats to "come together", the tour has been a decisive failure.

Q. Is this a step in the right direction? "I think it is the single biggest electoral advantage we would have in next year's election, if we as a party embraced single-payer". "Energizing? Get me out of here". We're all together now, the election's over, let's figure out where we can win, and let's do it together. His tour is targeting red and purple states.

The Daily Kos reports Planned Parenthood gave Mello a 100-percent approval rating.

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As the Wall Street Journal's Reid J. Epstein and Natalie Andrews note, Mello in 2009 sponsored a bill that would require a woman to look at ultrasound images of her fetus before undergoing an abortion (he still opposes abortion rights).

"Republicans picked up on something, whether it was racism or smalltown America not feeling respected or understood", said Moore, a mother and occupational therapist. And I've made it to Louisville where th. "We need to open the doors of the Democratic Party to working people and to young people".

Though Florida is a closely contested state in presidential elections, Democrats face challenges outside party strongholds in places like South Florida. This fall, we'll see what that will be about. But they haven't been going too well. "You need to get up, you need to get out and you need to get loud". They should be motivated to do that and not be against it.

Brian Fallon, Clinton's former spokesman and senior adviser to the Democratic Super PACPriorities USA, said this week that Democrats' path to retaking the House of Representatives in 2018 is through middle-class suburbs where Clinton beat out Trump last fall. Maybe. But we should do what we can to help these small businesses move forward.

"We need newer faces across the board: veterans, police officers, teachers, coaches, firefighters that can improve our party's brand at least visually", said Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi for House minority leader late past year.

Well, not really. Because if that was the case, the majority of issues people care about align with Democrats. He added a Miami flavor with attacks on Trump for his anti-immigrant rhetoric and told the crowd about his visit to Little Haiti. But you should also be for something. "There's more that unifies us than divides us". "And if we are going to turn this nation around, Kentucky has to rise up". What's the thinking behind the itinerary on this tour? However, it only underscores Sanders' role in propping up the Democratic Party in an effort to prevent this sentiment from finding a genuine, anti-capitalist and socialist form.