Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Launched in India: Price, Specifications and Release date

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Meanwhile, Analysts also predicts Samsung will soar up its operating profits to KRW (Korean Won) 50 trillion by the end of this year which is roughly $44 billion.

According to Samsung, operating profit for the first three months of this year is estimated at 9.9 trillion won ($8.7 billion), up 48 percent from a year earlier. The original Galaxy Note7 that was released past year offered a slightly larger battery at 3,500mAh battery.

Therefore, in compliance with such disclosure regulations, the above figures represent the median of the earnings estimate range, provided below.

Investors and analysts expect Samsung to report its best quarterly profit in April-June, with the Galaxy S8 smartphone hitting the market on April 21 in Samsung's first premium device launch since the Note7's withdrawal in October. While this decision is for the better, it will be interesting to see how Samsung will bring this to market.

"We are very positive about the new phone".

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Nevertheless, the latest financial figures show how Samsung has managed to overcome all the obstacles after messing up with one of its flagship products past year.

Lee was arrested in February on charges of bribery and embezzlement linked to the furore surrounding the ousting of former South Korean President, Park Geun-Hye.

The billionaire, who is accused of paying bribes to get the support of a government pension fund in a controversial 2015 merger of affiliates that tightened his grip, turned up in court today.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a 5.8inch display screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2960. Its stock is up 16 percent this year through Thursday.

Greenpeace East Asia campaigner Jude Lee said (via BBC): "While we welcome this news, Samsung must share as soon as possible more detailed timelines on when it will implement its promises, as well as how it intends to change its production system to make sure this never happens again".