Protesters Call For Release Of Trump's Taxes

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From there, at 9:07 a.m., Trump dove into a subject near and dear to his heart: His electoral college win.

Activists organized the mass protest, named "Tax March" in honor of Tax Day, to demand the White House to release the president's tax returns.

Trump refused to share his returns based on the presence of an ongoing audit, even though the IRS has said that should pose no problem.

On Easter Sunday, Trump released yet another provocative and antagonistic tweet about his taxes, probably in response to a what the New York Times called a "groundswell" of demands for their release in advance of this year's filing deadline.

During the Tax March demonstrations that took place in cities nationwide, and at Trump's Mar-a-Largo resort, protesters chanted "Hey, Hey we want to see your Schedule A" and "Chicken-in-Chief" accusing Trump of being afraid of releasing his taxes.

Nearly all major presidential candidates since the 1970s have released their tax returns, but Trump did not do so, saying he would when his audit ended.

While the president says the public doesn't care, recent polls show 74% of Americans do.

But 71-year-old Ilene Singh said he's wrong.

Dozens of demonstrations took place yesterday, including in Washington DC, New York and south Florida, where protesters marched to the President's Mar-a-Lago resort - where he is now staying.

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Warren said she didn't know if Trump would ever release the returns.

In Berkeley, California, police arrested at least 20 people after fist fighting erupted at separate unrelated rallies in a park where about 200 people for or against Trump had gathered.

The President had previously said the American people have no interest in seeing his tax returns because he won the presidency.

But after Saturday's marches, the president responded on Twitter.

"The taxes would release a great deal", said Donna Victor, a protester who spoke with Denver7.

Trump, a billionaire property tycoon, released a financial statement but has kept his tax returns private, both during the election campaign and since taking office in January.

Critics say Trump's failure to release returns raises conflict-of-interest questions about his business empire.

Republicans also have rebuffed Democrats' efforts to get the House Ways and Means Committee to act.

The Tax March rallies were organised through social media by a professor at Vermont Law School, Jennifer Taub, and comedian Frank Lesser.