Ossoff and Handel 'getting back to work' for June runoff

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Ossoff and Handel will now compete in a runoff on June 20.

DuBose Porter, chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, said the district offers the flawless setting for Democrats to prove their momentum heading into 2018. "There is a stark contrast between these candidates on life issues". She says it proliferated since Trump's victory, with several members acting as precinct captains for Ossoff.

The news also comes on a day in which Ossoff brought in a record amount of cash - $500,000 in a single day - for his runoff campaign against Handel, which is set for June 20. The nearest Republican was former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel, who won just 19.8 per cent of the vote. He has also mobilized strong opposition against President Trump.

"The Democrats went all-in on this race", Spicer told reporters. Republicans have controlled the seat for decades, but Trump only won it by 1 percentage point in last November's presidential election. "They came up short". "The reaction has somewhat been, you know, that they nearly won". What's clear is that Trump wants to help Handel win the race, even if Handel tries to keep him at a distance.

National Republican groups spent millions of dollars painting Mr Ossoff as a neophyte who does not live in the area he aims to represent.

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"Obviously, we're very excited, and what happened last night is very encouraging", said Handel. GOP Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, an ally of House leadership, said congressional Republicans must start showing they can lead after the failure of their health care legislation, or risk voters snatching away their majorities.

"I think it's overstated the effect that what is going on in Washington has on a local race like this, where local issues are the most important thing to voters", Ossoff said. "The only way you fight that is. fire up the Republican base. We have defied the odds, we have shattered expectations", Mr Ossoff told a cheering crowd of supporters.

While Democrats can savor the moral victory of almost snatching a seat outright in a Republican stronghold, they will need to translate anti-Trump fury and substantial fundraising into concrete ballot-box results if they are to mount a viable comeback.

Another congressional battle will play out late next month in conservative-leaning Montana, where voters will pick a replacement for Republican Ryan Zinke, who has become Trump's USA interior secretary.

More tests await, with special elections approaching in Montana and SC in May and June.