Nintendo sold over 906k Switch consoles in the USA last month

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The Nintendo Switch was released on the 3 of March this year at the price of around $469. Interestingly, this also makes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the fastest-selling Nintendo launch game of all time, in addition to being the fastest selling game in the Zelda series. The record only applies to the U.S. market, not globally, a spokesman for the Kyoto-based company said.

Given the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, you'll be able to play it pretty much anywhere you go. While its limited software lineup and limited graphics ability have been criticized, demand has consistently outstripped supply during the first six weeks of sales.

To put the Switch in comparison to the Wii U, that console sold roughly 890k units in the United States after 41 days on the market.

Nintendo adds that "full accounting of worldwide Nintendo Switch sales" will be made available on April 27 when it issues its full fiscal-year earnings.

The Nintendo Switch is selling fast and breaking records at Nintendo. That was during the holiday season, of course-the Wii U came out in November of 2012-which makes the Switch's numbers look even more impressive. The Switch is still selling faster than they can replenish stock, though, so it could also be that some players bought the game and are waiting for a console to play it on.

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Nintendo said it sold roughly 906,000 units of the Switch in the USA throughout March. No real details were provided on whether or not the Switch version will differ in any way or provide local multiplayer support with multiple Switch units - but you'd hope that was on the cards.

Sony had nothing to say, but but they've managed to outpace the Xbox One five months in a row with the PS4, so that's better than nothing.

To that point, "Breath of the Wild" was also a sales monster.

The reason for this is that allegedly a lot of people wanted two copies of the game: one as a sealed collector's item and another to play. Nintendo said more systems are "continually being shipped".