NFL releases schedule; here's look at 49ers, Raiders season

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Of course, it isn't.

The opponents for all teams are already set - on Thursday will come dates, times and TV designations. Meanwhile, the Rams will also be in London for the game.

We don't know enough about the Browns' 2017 roster to know whether they'll be bad, really bad, awful or surprisingly not terrible.

Those four executives? The NFL's senior vice president of broadcasting, director of broadcasting, manager of broadcasting, and senior director of broadcasting. The Patriots have been uncharacteristically sloppy coming off a bye as of late, so having Week 9 off will give them plenty of time to make any final adjustments and make a strong push towards the postseason. This game is on a Sunday, but it figures to most likely be Sunday Night Football.

Four NFL games will be played in London during the 2017 season. Excellent matchup between two rising powers. I've been waiting for nine months.

Also like last season, this will be considered a "home" game for the Raiders.

The Super Bowl 51 rematch was not scheduled as the season-opener as some had hoped.

Remember: This game was not chosen. Seasons will start in the same game.

So why are we watching?

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This would have been the NFC championship game, albeit in Dallas, if the Cowboys had not been upset in a conference semifinal by the Packers. Instead, we have broken down the best matchups on the schedule. And in the middle, there's a game featuring the Los Angeles Chargers, who went 5-11 previous year, and the Cowboys, who went 13-3. But recent opinion polls have shown only a small percentage of Native Americans are offended by the name, and neither the National Football League nor the team appears interested in addressing the concerns of the relative few.

The Rams-Cardinals game will be a rare division contest played overseas. Neither is a good scenario.

The Steelers play twice in three weeks on SNF.

No NFL teams get to approve the schedule as it is all done within the NFL offices.

This year, Amazon will carry 11 games that are a part of the NFL Network package.

Tom Brady and the Patriots have owned Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers over the last decade, but this is where Pittsburgh exacts its revenge.

The Patriots will play three of their first four games at home, with a trip to New Orleans (Sept. 17, 1 p.m.) interrupting the homestand that includes visits by Houston and Carolina on Sept. 24 and October 1, both 1 p.m. starts. There are potential wins on the schedule for everybody, and if you drastically improve in the offseason, the scheduling makes it possible for you to contend. Now, they'll have a chance to ease themselves back into things before facing up to the biggest disappointment of their professional lives. Then comes a long road trip to Mexico City and a game against the Raiders, a fellow contender in the AFC. But of course, life can take over at times and it's not easy to free up your time to see all 16 games.

The Packers open their season at home against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10.