Micro Machines World Series Trailer and Screens Present Battle Modes

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As you might've spied back in January, Deep Silver and Codemasters are working on a new Micro Machines game, named Micro Machines World Series.

It's been over ten years since the last Micro Machines title came to consoles, meaning this latest iteration has our nostalgic minds pretty damn excited.

Micro Machines World Series is a fresh new take on the franchise that is great fun for previous players and those new to Micro Machines. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch fans like myself, however, it looks like Micro Machines: World Series isn't coming to Nintendo's console.

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The trailer also showcased a couple of different game modes.

You can see play modes like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, as well as proof that Codemasters has paid out for additional toy licences such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and G.I. Joe. Each vehicle will have their own strengths and weapons to add a bit of strategic thinking into your battles. Each vehicle will also have customizable skins, with players having the option to use emotes and victory poses to solidify their victories. Micro Machines World Series will launch on PS4, Xbox One & PC this June. The U.K. release will feature announcements by the aforementioned Brian Blessed, so it's possible we'll see other announcer cameos in alternative territories.