Mexican ex-governor extradition could take up to year

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After being detained for one of the biggest corruption scandals in Mexico, former governor of the state of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, is now awaitig extradition after more than five months being a fugitive.

Mexico's Attorney General's Office said Duarte was detained on Saturday with the co-operation of Guatemalan police and the country's Interpol office.

Duarte, of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), resigned past year before the end of his term and then went into hiding.

In January, authorities got two companies to return $19.3m obtained illegally from the Duarte government.

It said he is wanted on suspicion of organised crime and illicit enrichment.

A photo released by Guatemalan police showed a bespectacled Duarte being escorted by Interpol agents.

"I have no comment, thank you", the former Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, governor said to a question from The Associated Press as he entered the prison.

Tomás Yarrington, former governor of Tamaulipas state who has been accused by Mexican and US prosecutors of money laundering and racketeering, among other charges, was captured in Italy last week.

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Duarte is likely to legally try and resist extradition, but sooner or later he'll be returned to Mexico to stand trial for a legion of alleged crimes, mostly involving graft.

A reward of 15 million pesos (£583,000) had been offered for his capture.

"I don't have foreign accounts", he said past year. He was extradited to the United States and convicted of ties to drug trafficking, before being returned to Mexico, where he was again jailed.

'More than 200m pesos ($9.7million) stolen from the people of Veracruz were spent doing up this house so that Duarte could have people over, now he won't host anything any more, ' Linares said.

Elías Beltran stated that two people provided Javier Duarte with the logistics for taking refuge in Guatemala.

The party, which expelled Duarte on October 25, 2016, issued a statement applauding his arrest in Guatemala.

All three ex-governors were members of Pena Nieto's ruling PRI.

"The PRI calls for all the relevant investigations to be carried out and, respecting due process, for the ex-governor of Veracruz to be punished in an exemplary fashion, as well as anyone who is confirmed to have taken part in his criminal ring", it said in a statement. Some 17 journalists were murdered during his six years in office, according to figures compiled by a special state committee.