Man on the run Joseph Jakubowski captured in Wisconsin, authorities say

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Because of the extensive hunt that had been underway in Wisconsin, the governor's office had canceled Saturday's annual Easter egg hunt in Madison, but after Jakubowski's arrest on Friday, Gov. He spoke quietly with his lawyer before the proceedings began.

No shots were fired when Jakubowski was arrested.

So on April 9, the federal authorities expanded a search for Jakubowski and labeled him "armed and dangerous" because he may have been plotting an act of mass violence, ABC News reports. After that, he will be sent to Rock County to be jailed there.

Anderson told reporters after the court appearance that the theft charge and "possibly other charges" could be brought against Jakubowski. Officials have said Jakubowski doesn't affiliate himself with any particular political party in the manifesto.

Jakubowski is suspected of stealing 16 firearms from the gun store. Between 100 and 125 officers were involved in taking Jakubowski into custody.

Jakubowski is also accused of sending the president a manifesto littered with anti-religious and anti-government rhetoric. Joseph Jakubowski surrendered when he was cornered at a campsite.

"With the kind of weaponry he had, he could've done extensive damage", said Richard Erdman, owner of The Coin Shop, a pawn shop downtown. He says his wife avoided going to the city's mall fearing it could be the target of an attack.

Jakubowski was taken into custody shortly after 6 a.m. It's believed he stole 18 guns from the store.

The document doesn't say exactly what action the author will take.

The Walkers praised law enforcement, saying no one will have to worry over the Easter weekend.

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MILWAUKEE (AP) - Fearing a mass shooting, authorities chased almost 800 leads in search of a Wisconsin man they believed had a cache of stolen firearms and had written of his desire to commit violent acts against the government. He was arrested around 5 a.m. Friday morning.

Readstown is 160 miles (260 kilometers) west of Milwaukee.

Jakubowski was accused of stealing 18 guns from Armageddon Supplies, a store near Janesville, on April 4 before he apparently torched his auto and vanished, Fox 6 reported.

Joseph Jakubowski made news when a video of him rambling as he prepared and mailed what police say was the multi-page letter to the White House.

"Over 700 clues came in and many of those came from Rock County, many of them came from Janesville", Moore said. Jeffrey Gorn tells The Associated Press he was driving his four-wheeler on his property when he spotted a man camping.

Gorn, 58, a former high school guidance counselor, said he talked with Jakubowski for an hour. However, it was later determined that the man "was not Jakubowski and was not related to the police's investigation".

Sheriff: Jakubowski's call for. The Rock County Sheriff's Office was contacted. He also torched his vehicle and sent a threatening manifesto to President Trump before disappearing.

In addition, authorities are trying to figure out whether another letter mailed by someone claiming to be Jakubowski is legitimate or not. Rock County Sheriff's Office Commander Troy Knudson said the writings appeared genuine.

A fugitive accused of stealing more than a dozen guns and mailing a manifesto to the United States president has been arrested after 10 days on the run.