Jon Ossoff Landslide Reinforces Resistance to Trump — Triumph in Georgia

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Trump had lent support to her through a series of tweets and robocalls.

The close outcomes in conservative Kansas and Georgia underscored Democrats' potential to capitalize on surging liberal energy following Trump's election, but also pointed to the limits of how far they can go in Republican-friendly districts. Ossoff is not part of the political establishment. he's 30 years old, he sort of shows up and he decides he's going to run for Congress and he captures sort of people's excitement on the D side. The race was for the seat previously held by Republican Tom Price, who now serves as Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary. While it's an impressive feat for a Democrat running in a traditionally red district like Georgia's 6th, Ossoff fell short of his goal of winning the seat outright with a majority of the vote.

Republican challenger Karen Handel is expected to have an advantage in the runoff election scheduled for June 20 due to the fact that more voters supported Republicans than Ossoff at the polls Tuesday.

The spinning began nearly as soon as the election results were in.

HANDEL: I - I would hope so.

Democrat Jon Ossoff almost pulled off a major upset win in a district comprising some of Atlanta's wealthiest, best-educated suburbs. But is that repeatable? And it's clear that there wasn't any excitement on the Republican side. We know what's at stake here and I don't think that any - this is about any one person. She's had a shaky record as a fundraiser, and hasn't won an election since 2006.

The FEC reports for Ossoff are only current through March 29 - 20 days before the election. He raised over $8 million, compared with Handel's roughly $460,000.

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He slammed Republicans for their "dark money" and negative ads - Handel countered that most his funding came from outside the district, and reprised criticism that Ossoff doesn't even live in the Sixth District.

You just tweeted moments ago to Donald Trump, "thank you for the call this morning".

Senator Lindsey Graham said this week that the race was a warning to the GOP: "The South is changing". The Dunwoody retiree and Handel volunteer says Republicans were too cautious in the primary for fear they'd "step on toes".

Ms Handel received a little over 19 per cent of the vote on Tuesday.

The Democratic National Committee has been searching high and low for a win that it could hang its hat on ever since Donald Trump - despite all odds - claimed the White House and the Senate remained in Republican hands. Price won 62 percent of the vote in November, about 14 percentage points ahead of Trump's total.

As mentioned earlier, Ossoff garnered 48.1 percent of the vote on April 18 in a crowded field - about 10 percentage points better than Stooksbury in 2016. There were four other Democrats in the race as well, although combined those candidates accounted for less than 1 percent of the vote.