Here's who won Pulitzer Prizes this year

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Investigative Reporting: Eric Eyre, the Charleston Gazette-Mail. The coveted award honors outstanding achievements in Journalism and the Arts, and this year Black writers showed out in multiple ways. We wrote here about how more than 400 reporters collaborated on the Panama Papers through a high-tech process.

The staff of The Salt Lake Tribune received the local reporting award for its work on how Brigham Young University treated sexual assault victims.

In the Post's newsroom, Fahrenthold thanked his colleagues and also his Twitter followers, since tips from readers helped him uncover more information about Trump's donations.

When will Trump post an angry tweet about the Pulitzers?

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post took the national reporting prize for reporting on the Donald Trump campaign for president, noting that he "created a model for transparent journalism in political campaign coverage while casting doubt on Donald Trump's assertions of generosity toward charities".

The New York Times staff won the global reporting prize for writing on Vladimir Putin's efforts to project Russia's power overseas. The team of writers broadened their reader's knowledge of Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation, the country's dedication to global dominance via hacking, and various methods used to assert their power in the political affairs of other countries. Per the New York Times, which also won three awards, the joint winners "found that the Police Department nearly exclusively targeted households and shops in minority neighborhoods", which resulted in a re-examination of the law and new reforms.

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It's strongly supported Republican presidential candidates, too, giving Mitt Romney a greater than 20-point win in 2012. Tom Price when he barely eclipsed Clinton's performance , according to a Wednesday report from Real Clear Politics .

Reilly's original series appeared in USA Today in mid-February, and was followed up in December with stories about the impact of his work, including moves by states to enact enhanced background checks for teachers applying for jobs. The subject of the article was Sam Siatta, a Marine who experienced the horrors of war, suffered from PTSD, and his descent into nonstereotypical criminal behavior.

Hilton Als, a theater critic for The New Yorker, won the prize for criticism, with judges praising how he strove to connect theater to the real world, "shifting landscape of gender, sexuality and race".

Art Cullen of The Storm Lake Times for editorials that challenged powerful corporate agricultural interests in Iowa. Cullen's winning works were written between March 3 and November 18, with titles such as "Unveiling the Hidden Truth" and "Leave Sales Tax Alone".

The Orlando Sentinel won Pulitzers in 1988 and 2000 for editorial writing and in 1993 for investigative reporting. The award in editorial cartooning went to Jim Morin of The Miami Herald.

A haunting portrait of a violent drug crackdown in the Philippines won a Pulitzer for freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak, whose searing New York Times photo essay was titled They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals.

The Orlando Sentinel was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist in the "Breaking News Reporting" category for its coverage of the mass shooting that left 49 people dead and countless injured at the gay nightclub Pulse last summer.