GTA Online goes old school with top-down Tiny Racers mode

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With the new Tiny Racers game mode, GTA Online players will be able to compete in several of the games stunt races, but this time around in a top-down thats vagualy reminiscent of old school GTA games and classic racing titles like Micro Machines.

However, as we elaborated previously, adapting GTA 5's 3D control scheme and mechanics to a 2D perspective would be exceedingly tricky. You can catch the trailer right below.

GTA Online, the online mode of the popular Grand Theft Auto V, received plenty of new content in the past few months, and an additional play mode will be hitting the game very soon. Naturally, Rockstar leaped onto the bandwagon since drugs are a relatively major theme in the GTA franchise.

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Today only, you can grab Weed Farm business, introduced in the Bikers update, at a 50% markdown.

In addition, you'll also have your choice of power-ups that will lend you a hand over the course of the race as well, enabling you to damage enemies either from behind (with weapons) or from up front. Furthermore, should players go to LS Customs, the green tire smoke upgrade can be bought for half its original price.

Rockstar have revealed a new update for their hugely popular GTA Online that will see players racing around in a new top down game mode.