Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

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Select "Link your account" from the devices tab, and Google will walk you through training the device to recognize your voice. Your voice is then analyzed by a neural network, and the device should recognize it thereafter.

Unfortunately, this feature rollout, while useful, still doesn't fix one of Google Home's biggest flaw: being limited to only one calendar, the main calendar associated with your Google profile. Google Home fully integrates with these products, and they can be controlled easily by voice commands. The tech giant announced today that it's addressing one of the major flaws with assistants like Home and Amazon's (AMZN) Alexa-powered Echo by adding multi-user support. So if someone shares their calendar with you, or if your employer uses Google Apps for Work, you won't be able to add add these calendars to Google Home.

Getting started is quite easy; first step is to make sure you have the latest version of the Google Home app. Regardless, this puts Google Home slightly ahead of Amazon's Alexa, at least as far as security roll-outs are concerned. Now, the device will be able to handle multiple accounts and tell who's speaking to it, offering personalized answers to some questions. This feature notably wouldn't have stopped the Burger King ad that hijacked users' Home speakers and get them spouting off about the fast food chain's hamburgers. The Google Home app jumped the gun on this launch earlier in the month, but now the feature is actually rolling out.

Google's personal assistant just got more personal.

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Plug your Google Home into a power outlet using the included cable.

Google Home owners will have to teach the hub how to identify their voices by saying "OK Google" and "Hey Google" twice into the device, when prompted. The feature is launching today for Home users in the United States, and should arrive in the United Kingdom in the "coming months", Google said.

It's a US-only feature for now, with United Kingdom users, who only just officially started to be able to buy Google Home, having to wait for the function at some stage down the track, or use English (US).