AP investigation centres around allegations of sexual abuse involving UN Peacekeepers

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"Countries that refuse to hold their soldiers accountable must recognize that this either stops, or their troops will go home and their financial compensation will end", she said.

The Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to end the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti in mid-October after more than 20 years, sending a strong signal that the worldwide community believes the impoverished Caribbean nation is stabilizing after successful elections.

The United States is now reviewing the U.N.'s 16 peacekeeping operations to assess costs and effectiveness and USA ambassador Nikki Haley told the council Tuesday that thanks to recent elections in Haiti "the political context is right" for a new and smaller mission. They begged and scavenged for food, but they never could scrape together enough to beat back the hunger, until the United Nations peacekeepers moved in a few blocks away.

The Haiti operation was marred by the deaths of almost 10,000civilians from a cholera epidemic in 2010 that was blamed on Nepali troops, who were said to have introduced the disease through improper waste disposal.

United Nations peacekeepers have been accused of sexual abuse and blamed for the cholera outbreak. "So I would urge you to check with, with the Sri Lankans", he said.

But just the same, many will be relieved to see the peacekeepers exit.

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Peacekeepers from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Uruguay were also implicated in abuse cases, with some abusers said to have coerced victims into performing sexual acts, using food and money in a number of locations around the world.

The report comes a month after UN Secretary General António Guterres admitted that the organization "continues to grapple with the scourge of sexual exploitation and abuse, despite great efforts over many years to address it".

"At the same time, the council recognised the ownership and primary responsibility of the Government and people of Haiti over all aspects of their country's development, and encouraged the mission to provide logistical and technical expertise within available means and consistent with its mandate", the United Nations said.

A United Nations -commissioned report promised much of the same more than 10 years ago, yet the problem has persisted. He reported having sexual encounters with more than 100 of them over three years, averaging approximately four a day.

"Imagine if the U.N. was going to the United States and raping children", Joseph said in Port-au-Prince. "We promoted democracy, the electoral process and human rights in the country".

The peacekeepers had arrived that year as part of a new mission to help stabilize the country in the wake of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's ouster. None of the Sri Lankan peacekeepers was arrested for their crimes; rather, they were simply sent home.