All passengers on United Flight 3411 to receive compensation

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The incident occurred at Chicago O'Hare airport on 9 April, during the boarding of United Express flight 3411 - operated by Republic Airlines, and bound for Louisville International airport.

Geoff Fearns, president of Tri Pacific Capital Advisors, told the Los Angeles Times that he was asked to leave the flight but, like Dao, held his ground. The Louisville, Kentucky-bound flight attracted global attention earlier this week when crew members called law enforcement to remove a ticketed passenger from the aircraft to make room for United employees.

A spokeswoman for Dao's attorneys at the law firm Corboy & Demetrio said a press conference to discuss the petition would be held Thursday.

The Chicago officer has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

On Wednesday morning, in an interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Munoz said he felt "ashamed" when he saw the videos.

"That is not who our family at United (Airlines) is", he said. The officer replies, "Well, we'll have to drag you".

Joking that she might have to have some members of her audience escorted out of the building, she proposed a simple solution for United Airlines to avoid this situation in the future: stop overbooking flights. He called it "an upsetting event" and said that his airline was reaching out to the passenger and looking to "resolve the situation".

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The incident was caused by a "system failure", Munoz said.

United Airlines' Chief Executive said he will not quit amid an explosive backlash to a video of a screaming passenger being dragged off a plane. Dao, a 69-year-old doctor, has also hired Thomas Demetrio, a high-powered personal injury lawyer, according to a statement from Demetrio. David Dao is seeking to have Cook County Circuit Court save all records relating to the incident.

Like Dr. Dao, Fearns refused to get up.

Dao was one of four passengers selected at random for removal from the full flight.

"I was not concerned for my safety, nor that of my toddler's or for my pregnancy until the police were called aboard our plane to remove him", Cummings wrote.

It's worth pointing out that Dao wasn't pulled from an overbooked flight, but one on which the staff decided that they wanted to make room for another employee. "This is wrong", "Look at what you did to him" and "Busted his lip".

The US Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday that it is reviewing Sunday's events to see if United violated rules on overselling flights.