Nicole Richie stunned by accidental slap to the face

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The actress, who lives in drought-ridden Los Angeles, says she's happy to hear it will be raining while she's visiting NY.

The pair moved on to talk about Richie's new NBC show Great News - but the former Simple Life star couldn't resist teasing Greenlaf.

When Nicole Richie appeared on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf on Sunday, she probably wasn't expecting to get slapped in the face, but alas, here we are. Unfortunately, in her attempt to give a high-five, Greenleaf unintentionally smacked Richie directly in the face, so hard that it Richie's sunglasses popped from her head and flew right over Greenleaf's shoulder. She initially poses and smiles, and after Greenleaf apologizes Richie even remarks, "I like this!" Richie joked back, "I was just abused two seconds ago".

"What were the chances?"

Nicole Richie knows how to roll with the punches ... and the slaps.

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"She was so gracious and kept things moving", Greenleaf said. "She was a true pro".

"I'm notoriously clumsy", an apologetic Greenleaf said. However, Lionel Richie's daughter was not ready to let the host off the hook.

"That was the craziest high five of all time", the host exclaims after asking if Richie was okay.

"I can see that... out of my left eye only", replied Richie.

Watch the entire hilarious exchange in the video above.