White House: Trump Still Won't Apologize To Obama Over Wiretapping

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Trump and Abe then visited Trump International and, according to a New York Times report, played another nine holes.

Did he play any golf?

"I have no information that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation", he said.

Asked about playing golf before Air Force One took off from Florida, Trump said he played "very little" over the weekend.

Mr. Trump has been criticized for leveling the charge on Twitter two weeks ago that President Obama ordered the "wiretapping".

News reported over the weekend that Trump made his 10th visit to Trump International Golf Club since the inauguration.

Questions about whether the commander-in-chief also indulged in his favorite game went unanswered by White House officials traveling with the president.

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On Sunday, Lindsay E. Walters, a spokeswoman, told reporters traveling with the president that while at his golf club, Trump "may step out to hit balls, but I can not confirm that at this time".

But such games appear to have been exceptions during Trump's first weeks in office.

When the question arose again later in the day, after the president had departed the course, she could not confirm it at that time either.

And before he ran for president, Trump would tweet about Obama's golfing. CNN has seen Trump golfing - driving up the 12th hole on his championship course at Trump International Golf Course - multiple times during the former reality star's first two months in office.

Trump made critiquing Obama for golfing a part of his 2016 message. While hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Palm Beach last month, Trump also played a full round with the foreign leader and professional golfer Ernie Els.

Trump in golf attire after more than four hours at Trump International Golf Club on February 4. Today is the 58th day of Trump's presidency.

Trump and the White House also sought to deflect the pressure onto Obama and his former aides, accusing them of being behind several recent leaks of classified information, including the revelation that former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was overheard on an intercept discussing Russia sanctions with the Russian Ambassador to the US during the presidential transition. As for whether any golf was played in all those hours at the course, Trump left the matter vague. The White House said the president was conducting meetings, taking phone calls and that he "might hit a few balls".