Tesla cans entry-level Model S

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The company introduced the Model S 60 and 60D models "as a more affordable option to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles", the company said in a statement about the soon-to-be discontinued models.

Those who still want a Model S 60 or 60D, however, still have the chance to purchase their preferred vehicle until April 16, 2017. A Model S 60 has a rated range of 210 miles; the 75 is rated at 249. The 60 kWh auto shared its battery with the 75 kWh model, with the last 15 kWh simply blocked out by a few lines of code.

And now Tesla is ditching the 60 kWh variant yet again. The company says that most customers chose to buy the additional upgrade that unlocks the full 75 kWh.

In the email, the company explained that the reason for the change is to simplify the ordering process, and let the customers know that the company is doing away with the 60 kWh Model S version.

That's less than some analysts had expected after Chief Executive Elon Musk previously warned that the Model 3 would push cash levels "close to the edge".

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The company has been tracking its fleet mileage on its "The Electric Road Trip" page in anticipation of its upcoming Model 3 launch.

Tesla hopes to start selling the Model 3, an all-electric sedan expected to cost around $35,000, later this year, with limited production starting in July.

At first, this all might sound good, but as Seeking Alpha contributor EnerTuition notes, the executive was also reported to have said that they're planning to skip the beta testing phase for the Model 3 and just straight to release candidates.

As was always the case, any customer still interested in a 60 or 60D will have the option to upgrade their batteries to the 75-kwh capacity through an over-the-air software update with an extra fee. The Model S is the lowest-price model of the electric sedan now available, starting at $68,000. While management has said it expects Model 3 to drive most of this growth, there's no indication it expects the more expensive Model S and Model X sales to fall as Model 3 deliveries take off.

But the new entry-level S 75 is no slouch, delivering almost 250 miles of range and a top speed of 140 mph.