OK Google: Don't put ads in the Google Assistant

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"By the way, Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast opens today", says, Google Home, in between spots on the weather and whatever other news stories are popular at the moment. And lots of Home users are likely going to be suspicious that their device will start shilling products at any time, without warning.

Thankfully, a few hours after the video spread online, Google stopped the "Beauty and the Beast" audio snippet altogether.

While there's no evidence either company is monitoring the microphone the same way they monitor what you do online in order to display personalized ads, I wouldn't be surprised to see that as a feature in the future. "For some more movie fun, ask me to tell you something about Belle". Still, audio ads interrupting the device's basic functions could be a deterrent to potential buyers, and existing Home owners may not be too happy about this new development.

Later that day, voice-computing evangelist Brian Roemmele noted that "Twitter has Google Home trending with over 11,000 negative tweets by 6pm".

"This wasn't meant to be an ad". Speaking with The Verge, Google issued two statements, one seems to suggest it is an ad despite explicitly saying it's not. Hopefully Google has learned its lesson and won't invade Home users'. homes without express permission. The company denied that this was an ad, but chose to pull the content anyway.

"The beauty in the Assistant is that it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales".

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Google denied that the material on Home was an advertisement. "We're continuing to experiment with new ways to surface unique content for users and we could have done better in this case".

Google Home is a neat piece of tech as a "smart speaker" that also includes an Internet-connected digital assistant capable of conversation-sometimes very deep conversation.

To some extent, I believe that Google wants to find ways to extend the the "my day" feature by including some timely info.

Ben Wood, an analyst from CCS Insight, noted that Google faces a "tricky" situation with the Home, as unlike competitor Amazon, their primary business model is predicated on advertising.

"For Amazon its about transactional revenue where a voice assistant like Echo can help drive sales". And when it comes to monetization, Google has nothing comparable; they're a company built on ad revenue and market data.