No Evidence Barack Obama Wiretapped Donald Trump, Says FBI Director Comey

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Responding to a question from the members on Trump's allegation, Comey said the Justice Department had also looked for evidence to support Trump's allegation that his Trump Tower in NY - the headquarters of his presidential campaign - was wiretapped but could not find any.

The president's statements are likely to be featured again March 20, when Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey's and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers appear before Nunes's committee.

Other congressional committees also are investigating the possible Russian connection, mostly behind closed doors. The British electronic intelligence agency, the GCHQ, said the report was "utterly ridiculous and should be ignored", but when asked about it Friday at a White House news conference Trump deflected any blame for linking the British to his wiretapping allegation.

Neither Rogers nor Comey have spoken publicly about the president's allegation.

"I want to get on with passing our agenda", Ryan said.

The wiretapping allegation is part of a broader U.S. investigation by the FBI and lawmakers into the conclusion by the country's intelligence community that Russian Federation meddled in the election in an effort to help Trump defeat his Democratic challenger, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"The FBI and the Justice Department have no information to support" Trump's wiretap assertions, Comey said.

Brady's Super Bowl jersey found in Mexico
Dan Patrick and the NRG Stadium Security are also still on the case but no updates have been released. Brady said his jersey went missing after the Patriots' 34-28 win last month over the Atlanta Falcons.

The committee also said there was no proof of collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. Trump's claims widened to two of the U.S.'s staunchest allies. He repeated an unsubstantiated claim that Britain's cyber intelligence organization conducted the surveillance at Obama's behest, a claim the agency GBHQ flatly denied; and mentioned during German Chancellor Angela Merkel's first visit to the Trump White House the Obama administration's monitoring of Merkel's cellphone, a bruising incident in German-US relations.

Mr Flynn was sacked by the president last month after his assurances that he had not talked to Russian officials were proved to be false.

Several top Trump advisers' contacts with Kislyak have been called into question, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions who failed to disclose two encounters with the Russian ambassador when questioned during his January confirmation hearing. One tweet said: "Terrible!"

His comments follow briefings given to politicians on Friday by the Justice Department which had been asked to hand over any evidence of court orders or warrants related to Mr Trump or his family and associates. "Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!"

Intelligence officials have said that Russian Federation was behind the theft of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails past year.

Comey was harshly criticized by Republicans for the public announcement in July that he was not recommending criminal charges against Clinton for her use of a private email server while secretary of State.

Since Trump made the disputed claims, he and aides have sought to redefine the terms of his accusations.