CBSE Class 12 Maths Board Exam 2017: Very lengthy, hard but straightforward

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There were a lot of application-based questions, but again, they were easy.

As CBSE conducted the plus 2 Maths exam on Monday, there were mixed reactions from students regarding the paper. "The paper was comparatively easier than past year".

"The paper wasn't tough but due to shortage of time, I could not revise the answers which is why I am not confident about the overall marks in maths", said D Ankita, a student of Ryan International School, Noida. "I left two questions and didn't get time for revision", said Shweta Goswami, a student of government school at Mandir Marg in central Delhi.

However, they did not find the paper too hard like in 2016 when students had petitioned the Board for grace marks. Section B and a part of section C were the toughest. That's what made the paper lengthy.

"Compared to previous year, the paper was easy but it was lengthier".

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Most of the questions were indirectly from the textbook, so that was a relief.

Further, some indicated that the paper was a bit hard. The students found it relatively easy.

An average student can answer 80 - 90 percent of the questions, as majority of the questions are from the text book. Many like him found that there was not enough time to finish the paper. "I found it very easy, even though it was lengthy, I finished half an hour early", said N Arjun a student of Sindhi Model School. Questions were set according to NCERT. Some tricky questions but over all a fine paper", says Aditya Chaturvedi (handle: "ACaditya25).

The best thing about the questions is that the students will not lose their confidence, as most of the questions are familiar to them.