Sentencing Hearing Rescheduled; Host In England, 'Dance Moms' Season 8 Allegedly

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"Dance Moms" season 7B filming is underway.

With the feds pushing for Abby Lee Miller to get 2 ½ years behind bars for fraud, the Dance Moms host today learned she will have just under two-weeks more of assured freedom.

Deadline reports that Abby Lee Miller got what's called an "11th hour reprieve" in the sentencing phase of the trial.

"But Miller isn't off the hook, as the Attorney General asked the hearing be moved 'to the earliest available date.' The dance teacher pled guilty to not reporting an worldwide monetary transaction and one count of concealing bankruptcy assets in June". The court actually canceled the sentencing of the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Studio, stating that they would reschedule the sentencing date by "order of the court", but didn't make clear as to when that sentencing would take place.

"The future of Dance Moms may depend entirely on when Abby Lee Miller's sentencing hearing is rescheduled".

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The prosecutor had high aspirations that Abby Miller would undergo a two and a half year imprisonment but since the cancellation happened, Abby Miller is a free woman till then. Responding to a request handed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Melucci, which says "The government respectfully requests the continued sentencing hearing be moved to the earliest available date and time convenient for the court", Miller's lawyers gave their side's consent.

Abby Lee Miller, has always pitted Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler against each other to secure a win in every solo competition that they joined.

Moreover, TribLive reported Abby Lee Miller pleaded guilty in June after hiding her assets during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy hearing in 2010. Hence, Judge Conti chose to schedule the additional testimonies and her verdict on Friday. Separate charges were also levied against Miller for neglecting to report more than $10,000 brought into the US from Australia in 2014. The arbitrator gave the host the freedom to travel to England from February 16 to 21 as the latter needed to film a movie.

Many have been aiming their anger at Maddie Ziegler for being Abby Lee Miller favorite. Meanwhile, there are no words yet if there will be "Dance Moms" Season 8.