External HDD For PS4 Becomes Reality With Version 4.50

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And about time too, as Xbox One owners have been able to do this for a while. Sony has always given players the option to install larger drives into the system itself, but that requires completely replacing the on-board storage. There doesn't seem to be any special trick to it: Just plug in any USB-enabled hard drive, and the PS4 will treat it as an acceptable form of storage. One solution is to upgrade the drive, but that's a little involved, and it means having to re-download everything you had on the stock disk. Next, do you wish to see something besides that classic PlayStation blue background on your dashboard? The PS4 external hard drive feature will support drives up to a whopping 8TB, which is fantastic. Koller noted that save game files are still stored locally on the PS4 HDD. It will be featured in system update 4.50, along with lots of other new features on the table. In a recent meeting with investors, SIE CFO Kenichiro Yoshida has revealed the company is satisfied with Pro performances and, moreover, that it is selling even better in comparison with PS4 Slim. Screenshots of PS4 Pro models running the newest firmware version confirm the existence of the option which is said to improve the performance of older games that were not really created to be played on the new PS4 Pro. But are either of them worth the money?

When Sony officially confirms and details Boost Mode, we'll let you know.

The quick menu (long PlayStation button press) is also being further tweaked by becoming even smaller on the screen.

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It also adds support for custom wallpaper, including screenshots you've taken via ShareFactory; streamlines the quick menu; and adds 3D Blu-ray support for PlayStation VR. The update comes in the form of version 4.50 but it hasn't not been released to the public yet and now only exists in beta form. Sony hasn't indicated when version 4.50 will be rolled out to the rest of us proles, but it should be within the next few weeks.

"A Thief's End" is just one of many gorgeous, excellent games on the PlayStation 4. Has your internal HDD run out of space already? PlayStation 4 console will allows users to store games on an external storage medium.